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What to Do When It’s Fox Poo

Yep, it stinks! ‘Odour de fox poo’ is probably one of the worst smells your dog will ever bring home with him. Not only that, it’s one of the toughest odours to remove from your dog’s coat too.

If your dog’s a ‘roller’ you’ll be familiar with the scent and may have tried various products in your bathroom (and kitchen cupboard) to combat the smell. We know a few of our friends and their owners certainly have!

Knowing your dog’s passion for rolling in all things nasty, we’ve created our Fox Poo shampoo! No, it’s not a shampoo which features your dog’s favourite scent, but a product designed specifically to help remove all traces of fox poo and other foul odours from your dog’s coat.

Why use dog shampoo?

Dog shampoos have been specifically formulated for your dog’s coat and are less likely to cause irritation. Many dog shampoos will also include conditioners and other ingredients which help to keep your dog’s coat healthy too. Human shampoos and other alternatives haven’t been formulated to suit your dogs skin and may cause irritation.

Does it need to be a specific fox poo shampoo?

As you may already know, fox poo can be incredibly difficult to remove from your dog’s coat-  especially the smell. With this is mind, it can be difficult to eliminate the scent from the coat using any generic dog shampoo. A deodorising or fox poo specific shampoo is often recommended to remove the odour more effectively without the need to wash your dog multiple times.

Our friends Jelli and Piper have both put our Fox Poo shampoo through it’s paces (on more than one occasion). Read their fox poo stories below or visit our Fox Poo page for more information on our popular shampoo.

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Jelli - Dog


“Jelli always seems to find rather disgusting things to roll in whilst out on a walk so we didn’t need to wait long to test out Fox Poo!

A few hours after a lovely walk across the Mendips, we bundle back in the car with the windows open trying to minimise the smell coming from the boot. Once home it’s clear just how dirty and smelly Jelli has got. The once beautiful, clean Cocker Spaniel is now a rather unappealing shade of black, brown and smells awful!

Due to the frequency this happens, we have a warm water shower outside for the dogs and after getting Jelli wet, a small amount of Fox Poo Shampoo is lathered into her fur. It smells lovely and immediately starts lifting the dirt and mess from her fur and making her small much better. Unlike other shampoos, only a small 50p size was needed to wash Jelli so the bottle should last a reasonable length of time. The shampoo rinses super easily and within a matter of minutes the once dirty, smelly pup was looking more like her former self.

After trying numerous shampoos, Fox Poo is clearly the best we have tried so far. Many of the other shampoos we have tried leave a greasy residue, don’t rinse out very well or simply just don’t do the job. The added benefit of the Animology Fox Poo Shampoo is the long lasting pleasant smell after washing (no more wet dog smell) and how soft Jelli’s coat felt once dry. This is now a bathroom essential for the girls along with some of the other grooming range from Animology.”

Follow Jelli, Isla and Bracken’s rolling and other adventures on Instagram: @cockersinthecountry

Piper - Dog


“Animology’s Fox Poo shampoo is quite literally a must have for me. One of Piper’s biggest flaws is her love of rolling in the dreaded fox poo. Before we discovered the Animology shampoo I’d spend ages scrubbing her down with tomato ketchup, then subsequently I’d have shampoo her at least 3 times afterwards to remove the orange tinge it would leave behind in her coat. The tomato ketchup method did work, although it was a long job and I always dreaded doing it.

Now we have the Fox Poo shampoo, the job is so much easier. Piper jumps straight in the shower, one shampoo, rinse- done. The shampoo completely removes the foul scent, leaving Piper’s coat smelling fragrant & fresh, with a fluffy feel. It lathers incredibly well so a small amount really does go a long way & it’s very rare I have to use two coats as it removes dirt with ease. Very occasionally, when Piper has been quite literally caked in mud then we’ve had to use two coats, but that’s pretty expected. Overall, I love the product and would recommend to anyone. It’s a great ‘just in case’ to have in & worth it’s weight in gold.”

Follow Piper’s adventures on Instagram: @piperthecockapoo

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