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Tried & Tested: Oscarcocker – The Insta Pup

As one of the UK’s most popular dogs on Instagram, it is essential that Oscar is looking his best at all times. Luckily, he has Animology on his side. Here is a review of our White Wash shampoo courtesy of Oscar’s owner, Lucy.


The design of the bottle is simple yet effective with all the relevant information such as the ingredients list and key words like ‘deodorising’ and ‘pH balanced’. The shampoo smells lovely, with a nice, mild citrus-y smell (hard to describe).

oscar 2


The shampoo is quite runny which, on the one hand, is nice as this makes it easier to lather, however, it would be better if the bottle had a ‘no-drip seal’ within the opening to keep the shampoo in, so that you wouldn’t end up using more than you need. The smell is lovely and the shampoo washes out very easily, making for a more hassle-free bath.


This shampoo is great, it really does what it says on the bottle! While washing Oscar I noticed that it really brightened the fur on his legs in particular. It’s quite hard to tell how much brighter he is as he has a lot of little tan patches in his fur but I would definitely say he is whiter. It also got rid of those nasty yellow stains around his tummy so he looks brand new and his ruff looks lovely! The shampoo contains a conditioner as well so he’s now beautifully soft and did I mention how lovely he smells?

Another bonus is that the shampoo is gentle, so for dogs with skin problems, such as sensitive skin (often a problem with white dogs), this shampoo is a great option. It contains pro-vitamin B5, used in a lot of human toiletry products, which moisturises and hydrates the skin.

oscar 3



  •  Really does whiten the coat
  • Good for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Smells lovely but not too overpowering
  • Makes dog beautifully soft as contains conditioner
  • Lathers very well
  • Rinses easily
  • Makes human hands smell lovely too ?


  • Bottle opening could do with a seal – runs out quickly
  • Quite expensive at £4.99 per 250ml bottle but worth it!


You can visit Oscars blog here or check out his Instagram page here.

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