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Tried & Tested: Finley’s True Colours

Finley the Springer Spaniel’s owner tells us how she got on with our True Colours shampoo and Top Dog conditioner…..

I have a Springer Spaniel and as you may know they love to get down and dirty so shower time is a common thing in my household. I’ve been trying out all sorts of different shampoos for months and months now. My springer, Finley also has really sensitive skin so I struggled in finding a product that agreed with him as well as providing good results. He also has such a fluffy coat for a springer and no products I bought improved this.

I decided to give Animology a try after seeing their range in my local pet store…..and wow! I’ll put it this way, my hunt for the perfect shampoo is over! I got their dog shampoo called True Colours- it was so easy to use and rinsed out with ease! You also don’t need much of it either as a little bit goes a long way which ends up saving me money. Finley has had three baths with one bottle and it’s not even anywhere near half empty!

True Colours Dog Shampoo

Something I often struggle with because of his sensitive skin is that a lot of the shampoos I get don’t smell nice or don’t smell at all, but True Colours dog shampoo left him smelling amazing and his skin has had no reaction to it at all! As for his coat, he has gone from fluff ball to the smoothest, silkiest springer in town! So impressed! As for the name of the product it really does bring out Finley’s true colours, enhancing isn’t even the word for it, he has never looked better.

With the shampoo being a hit, I decided to give their ‘Top Dog’ conditioner a go too, and again no faults for this product at all. You don’t need much of it and it smells incredible. It’s so easy to apply and rinses off with ease, making shower time so much quicker (a positive for Finley as he hates shower time). The conditioner left his coat even more silky which I thought was impossible with his fluffy coat but Animology has proved me wrong!

Overall, even down to the simplistic but bold design of the bottles me and Finley love both the Animology dog shampoo and conditioner, and would highly recommend them. The only small negative that I could say is the shampoo is more runny than other ones I’ve used, but as long as your quick enough it’s not really an issue. I’m so impressed and very glad that my hunt for the perfect shampoo is over.

Thank you so much Animology you guys are a game changer! I look forward to trying your other products too.

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