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Tried & Tested: Eva and Amelia’s World

We gave Eva and Amelia some Animology products to try, and here is what they thought…

Fox Poo Shampoo 

We love experimenting with different shampoos. Amelia has such amazing ears it’s really fun to see how her hair changes with different shampoos. Animology has made a shampoo to get rid of not only dirt but smells that get left behind. It’s designed for dogs who like to roll in poo! Amelia doesn’t get a chance to roll in much poo (thank god!!) but after having a swim she often has a lingering smell of “pond”. I was really excited to see how the Fox Poo shampoo would work for us, we deliberately tried to get Amelia as dirty as possible!

A wet and muddy Amelia

A wet and muddy Amelia

A magnificent Amelia after her Fox Poo bath

A magnificent Amelia after her Fox Poo bath (LOOK AT THOSE EARS)

She turned out so so clean! We didn’t have to use much of their shampoo to get results either. With other shampoos I’ve sometimes had to do a double wash if I wanted her really clean. The fox poo shampoo was really easy to spread around.  In terms of smell,  I think their shampoo smells just like Loreal human shampoo. You wouldn’t smell this shampoo and think it’s for dogs!

True Colours shampoo

This was our favourite! When I was told this would enhance Amelia’s fur colour I thought it was going to be a load of nonsense. How can a shampoo make her hair more red? Well… I don’t know how, but she absolutely is more red. Having washed her with this twice now, she seems to be turning even more deep red! AMAZING stuff.

To try and have a reference point in mind I took a before & after photo on the same day. If you look below there are two entirely unedited photos in almost the same pose. The final photo is one from just a couple of days ago, after having used this shampoo twice! She is such a beautiful deep red. LOVE the True Colours shampoo. Again in terms of smell It’s the same Loreal shampoo smell in my opinion. In all ways really, I’d compare Animology shampoos to the human Loreal shampoo ranges found at super markets. Real results for all hair problems at a decent price.

Eva drying off after a True Colours bath

Eva drying off after a True Colours bath

Before and After

Before and After


Keep up to date with Eva and Amelia’s adventures, visit their blog here

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