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How to Remove Fox Poo from Your Dogs Coat

We have all been there… You’re enjoying a nice walk with your dog, deep in thought and in a complete state of peace and serenity. Then DISASTER strikes! Your dog is neck deep in fox poo. Read this guide to learn what to do when your dog rolls in fox poo.

Step 1 – Learn the Signs

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent your dog sniffing out fox poo. Don’t worry, it is completely normal for them to do so. However, nobody knows your dog as well as you, and there are often signs in their behaviour just before they roll that give away their cunning plan. Our office Labrador, Freddie, tends to sniff much more frantically and lower his body towards the ground before he rolls. If you can learn the signs, you may be able to prevent the crisis completely.

Step 2 – Be Prepared
Preparation is key! If you can remove most the fox poo with a wipe before you get home or back to the car, then you will be making life much easier and less smelly! Our travel pack Clean Sheets are perfect for this, as they are small enough to fit in a pocket. They are dual sided, extra-strong dog wipes which contain an advanced no-rinse shampoo formula. One side is rough and contains microfibers to help agitate and pick up loose hair and dirt. The other side is smooth to help clean and condition your dog’s coat using the advanced no-rinse shampoo formula. Our extra-large tubs of Clean Sheets are also great for keeping in the boot of the car or by the door at home.

clean sheets dog wipes

Handy tip: Clean Sheets are also super effective on your shoes and clothing if they get covered in mud or fox poo.


Step 3 – Bath Time

Fox Poo has a particularly foul odour which tends to linger even after washing with most shampoos. That’s why we designed our unique Fox Poo dog shampoo to completely combat the dirt and lingering odour within one wash. It is also pH balanced and enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep your dog’s coat looking, smelling and feeling wonderful.  Simply wet your dog with water, lather, rinse thoroughly and dry. Crisis averted!


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