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About Animology

Animology is the multi-award winning pet product brand that is trusted by pet owners, vets, retailers, groomers and championship show dog owners in more than 45 countries around the world to deliver the very highest standards of pet care.

Pets are family members who deserve the best care, love and attention that’s why the Animology range stands for ‘pet care excellence’. Through meticulous research and development we strive to ensure our products are accessible to all through affordable pricing without compromising on standards and ensuring that every product delivers world class quality, performance and results.

The Animology brand is owned by Group55, an independent UK company based on a 120 acre farm in the heart of the British countryside where life and animal care comes first. Established in 1999, the company is recognised globally as a manufacturer of market leading products and innovators in brand development.

How we started

When Animology launched in 2010 its range of dog shampoos had a unique selling point; humanisation. They appeared similar to products used by pet parents.

“It’s easy to sell a product that looks good once, but if that product doesn’t work it’s not easy to sell it twice,” said Group55 Managing Director Stephen Turner.

“I think our success bears testament to our second claim that the shampoo is really very good and represents value for money.”

He added: “When we set about designing a shampoo for a dog we wanted something that had a low foam formula, got into the coat, cleaned it very efficiently then rinsed out quickly. One of the main reasons a dog can display a reaction to shampoo is because the formulation is left on the coat (which can also increase drying time).

“It’s very difficult to react to something that isn’t there – making a product that rinses out quickly much better in terms of sensitisation risk. The very final benefit, of course, is that when dogs are washed in Animology it really does wonders for their coat. These are the key reasons Animology did well as a product; the marketing and the branding has really resonated well with the retailer and the consumer.”

What we believe

We’re extremely passionate about supporting British industry and we’re exporting British excellence and British manufacturing.

We don’t buy something in country A, export it to country B and ship it to country C – that’s not very helpful for the UK economy.

In practical terms, UK manufacturing gives us much better control of our supply chain. We have far shorter lead times than if we ordered from anywhere else in the world and it’s easier to sell British-made products. The UK stands as a stamp of excellence.

We think it’s important that we maintain a competitive edge. To appeal to UK retailers, we have to be able to develop a UK manufactured product that represents the same value for money as an import. We try and ensure that we are not margin hungry – far from it. We probably work to lower margins than most manufacturers with the specific purpose of maintaining our competitive edge and remaining at the same the same price as foreign imports.


Animology shampoos and sprays use the best possible combination of ingredients to deliver the qualities and benefits that our consumers want for themselves and their pets.

Our products always comply with existing regulations and meet our own safety and environmental standards, which often go beyond regulatory requirements. In fact all of our products are tested to human cosmetic standards.

Our standards

Group55 maintains a set of mandatory requirements for the use of ingredients and materials in our Animology products.

These standards consider relevant regulatory requirements together with human and environmental safety considerations and are continually reviewed and updated when new information and scientific developments enable us to further enhance our products and working practices.

Our standards help to ensure that we:

  • Apply consistent standards of human and environmental safety worldwide.
  • Proactively substitute materials when better alternatives become available.

Natural or synthetic ingredients?

A conflict of beliefs has been caused within the pet industry through the marketing of ‘natural’ products by companies or individuals who might seek to establish a competitive advantage through misleading advertising.

Synthetic ingredients that are manufactured to substitute natural ingredients are commonly no different in chemical composition. In fact, every ingredient is a chemical – whether it is natural or man-made. A synthetic ingredient that mimics a natural one can in many instances be a purer, more stable ingredient that enables us to deliver a ‘purer and more stable’ product.

Behind the claims and championed benefits of ‘natural’ ingredients lies the uncomfortable truth that the environmental impact of harvesting some natural ingredients can be more compromising to the environment than the manufacture and use of synthetic ingredients. As a result, we commonly conclude it better for the environment to use man-made rather than natural materials in our Animology shampoo and spray products. We judge this on a case by case basis.

Group55’s position is that we subject natural ingredients to the same rigorous safety and environmental standards that we apply to synthetic ones. We do not justify the safety of an ingredient on the basis of it being a natural extract.

Understanding ingredients lists

To ensure consistency, manufacturers have a standard way of identifying ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products, which is called the INCI system. INCI stands for the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. We employ the INCI system to identify the products we use in our Animology pet products.

The INCI system means that ingredients lists can look technical, even in the case of the simplest of ingredients, such as salt (sodium chloride) and water (aqua). However, this industry standard provides a consistent way of naming ingredients that provides an essential way to let consumers easily compare the products they buy – wherever they are in the world.

Fragrances are often made up of a large number of different ingredients. We use the word ‘parfum’ in the list of ingredients to indicate the presence of a fragrance.

Understanding allergies

Many substances, natural and synthetic, have the potential to cause an allergic or a sensitive reaction in a small number of people and their pets.

If consumers experience any adverse effect with any Animology product the advice is always to stop using the product immediately. People in doubt about an allergy should contact their doctor or vet, who can help identify any allergies to a particular ingredient so steps can be made to avoid such ingredients.

Certain ingredients have been identified as more likely to cause an allergic reaction in more sensitive people and pets. Often we cannot leave these ingredients out altogether, because they perform an important function, such as keeping a product in good condition. We have longstanding expertise in formulating products and we use these ingredients at the minimum level required for them to be effective.

Scientific safety risk assessments show that products containing these materials cause no problems to the vast majority of consumers. In the case of Animology pet shampoos and sprays reported cases of reaction to our products remains remarkably low at below 0.001% of all product sold globally since launch in 2010.

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